The Story

It all began in the summer of 2003..

We were hanging out in our bar, planning a trip
to a well known rock festival.
The bar had some reputation for give young musicians
a chance on stage and this night it was Mark from
Somebody who was about to change our lives.
As soon as he started to play, we were all mesmerized
by his performance, every inch and fiber of him proofed to be
pure rock´n´roll
After the show we talked to him for a while and we all
decided to take the trip to the festival together.

The first night on the campsite he simply started to perform among
the surrounding tents and put a real
spell on everybody around – the air was burning like liquid fire.

He was singing from dusk till dawn and
when the sun rose he got up, shouting :
„You guys know how to rock the fuck out!”

And there it was born, the fire that fuels us,
and our dearest wish, that it catches on to you too !

The mission:
The project „RTFO“ supports young talented musicians.
With the purchase of a t-shirt you enable them in getting professional
studio recordings, better instruments and everything they need to start an
unique career.
On the official RTFO Facebook page you can see how they live their passion
for rock music and follow the development of “your“ band.

By purchasing an original RTFO-shirt you not only get a cool rock shirt, but
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